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Wizard Sleeve // Beat Emporium Vol. 3.

Wizards Sleeve BEat Emporium Vol 3Here’s some really exciting news for you: the fantastic music/arts collective Wizard Sleeve are back, at long last, with the next instalment of their impressive set of free-to-download compilations, Wizard Sleeve Beat Emporium Vol. 3

If you’ve read our previous reviews, you’ll know Wizard Sleeve are a quirky London collective showcasing the best in electronic music from various up and coming producers. The group is made up of eleven young creatives, all DJs, VJs, and artists, presenting regular podcasts and throwing intimate underground parties with their handmade sound system. This latest compilation is the follow up to the previous two Beat Emporium EPs, which are still both available to download, along with the new release, from the Wizard Sleeve Bandcamp.

This compilation features nine chilled out tracks from members of the collective. A slight diversion from the previous two, it takes on less of a summertime feel, this time going for a cosy autumnal vibe fitting with its release date. It’s hard to find fault with this compilation, featuring relaxed, refreshing sounds from a talented group of artists. It includes music from favourites from previous releases, such as Tjorven and Happy Cat. Listen out for Tjorven’s 500% on this one, a deliciously warm and tranquil track with a particularly satisfying beat. New to the Beat Emporium series with this release are King of Hearts & Bodhi Glitch, providing blissful additions to the mix.

Wizard Sleeve themselves describe this third edition of their compilations as “an introduction to the downtempo side” of the collective, and this chilled, downbeat style makes it a really pleasing, feel-good listen. Alongside the previous two releases, the tracks provide a particularly good soundtrack for a chilled house party (and are sure to get people asking about your great music taste). If you’re a fan of electronic music, or simply don’t know where to start with it, Check out the Wizard Sleeve website for more of what they do –  their site can point you in the direction of some really talented producers within the genre. The group run radio shows, podcasts and mixes, all available online and providing a taste of cutting-edge electronic music, so it’s a good resource for anyone interested in the genre.

Go download the latest Beat Emporium compilation, and the previous two if you haven’t already, and you won’t be disappointed. The downloads are completely free so you’ve nothing to lose, and if nothing else that’s the soundtrack to your next party sorted.

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