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Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You

Now, I won’t lie, I am a massive Kate Nash fan, therefore my judgement may be a little on the ‘I love Kate and everything she does’ side, but nonetheless, I listened to her second album with a strict view that I would listen to it at least twenty times before making up my mind as to whether its any good.

Now with a Crib under her belt, covering her lead single Do-Wah-Doo, and a massive fan base in tow, Miss Nash decided to take her time over My Best Friend Is You, and it really does show. There are many different styles to both her lyrical stance and music in the album, with personal favourite You Used To Be So Far Away, which has a timeless feel, but yet a dark set of lyrics, inciting the darker side to love and relationships. Mansion Song also shows Nash at her best, instead of a song, we listen to a poem filled with wit about drug and sex culture in modern women. Definitely an improvement from Foundations, and is bound to separate her real fans from the radio friendly listeners.

Words > Rhian Brighton

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