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Luke Ritchie // Free Download // Lonely Second

After achieving more than 8500 downloads through self-made podcasts since 2010, young singer/songwriter Luke Ritchie is gearing up to release an album for real in 2012.

The Water’s Edge, Ritchie’s debut, due out in July 2012 was produced by Paul Savage (Franz Ferdinand, Arab Strap, Mogwai), over two snowy weeks in Scotland. Snapped up fast, and signed in 2012 by independent label Angel Falls Records, the Water’s Edge is said to be neither a regular folk record nor typical singer/songwriter fare: Recorded with Ritchie’s core backing musicians, on double bass and drums, and Jazz vocalist Nia Lynn on harmonies, the album may have been made on acoustic instruments, but even its most reflective moments are packed with passion and purpose.

True to his DIY roots, at the end of last year, Ritchie decided to send his album out all over the world, to see how people would react. He recorded the songs on to 80 MP3 players and put them inside tobacco tins with instructions on a luggage label to listen and pass on, but also to photograph the ‘music boxes’ in interesting locations: “I’ve sent out almost 50 so far, mostly with friends who are travelling abroad, and the response has been incredible,” says the singer. “People have sent back pictures from Tibet, the Pyramids, from a beach in Australia, in front of the Chinese terracotta army and under a waterfall in Venezuela.”

As a taste of things to come, Ritchie is giving away a beautiful solo acoustic version of Lonely Second – to be taken from Waters Edge. Download the track for free below.

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