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Its almost impossible to believe that Lucy Rose has already sold-out four of her headline shows, packed out many venues across London, and gained a loyal fan following all without a single physical record release. Not many artists have this kind of success without having released material to their name, proving just how special this girl really is. ‘I’ve always felt that I wanted to give something back to people that come and see me’ describing it as ‘doing her job with having cd’s available.’ Rhythm Circus’ Lauren Bridgeman caught up with Rose prior to the launch of her debut single ‘Middle Of the Bed’…
In the week leading up to the launch, the single received its first few plays on Radio 1, with Zane Lowe playing the track a few days after a very well received Glastonbury appearance. Having already watched her and her band sound-check you cant help but feel blown away not only with her winsomely sweet voice, but the sheer production and precision of the band. Making sure she was happy with her sound, and the rest of her group, Rose appeared driven and determined for tonight to be extremely special for all involved.
When chatting to Lucy a few hours before the launch she is reserved, friendly and a little nervous ahead of the gig in which she is extremely chuffed to have sold out.
With such a collection of acoustic and utterly beautiful tracks already to her name and available online through recorded sessions, live performances and Myspace demo’s; that have stunned listeners and gained Lucy lots of smitten fan’s, asked what determined her first official single choice, she knew exactly what she wanter from the offset: ‘ I had a clear idea of how I envisioned the sound to be when we recorded it, it was an easy decision to make’.

Having just turned 22, Rose  has been on the circuit for a few years now, after finishing her A-Levels she moved to London at 18 from her hometown in Warwickshire. Moving to the city at such a young age clearly must have been an incredibly scary and overwhelming thing to do, yet it is apparent that Rose has paved her way into her career regularly singing at open mic and promotional nights, telling us how doing this for a few years has not only increased her confidence in her performing but it was at these shows where she has made a lot of friends and networking opportunities. For fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, Rose may appear familiar; it was through promotional nights that she built up a friendship with frontman Jack Steadman, leading to her gorgeous vocals on acoustic tracks ‘Flaws‘, touring and recording numerous tracks on the new record with the band and most recently for all those at Glastonbury or who tuned into the coverage may have seen her gracing the stage with them to perform new material.
‘Glastonbury was a lot of fun, and we still have festival slots coming up, I’ll be playing Bestival and Kendal Calling and some others with Bombay’.

‘After moving to the city, I  just began to listen to a lot more music, like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. My parents were never that into music, so I didn’t hear about artists from them’. This could be testament to Lucy’s tender lyrics and air of words, and it is influences from  artists like these that Rose has inevitably learned from and grown to love that hold a part in her writing style. Almost all of Rose’s sentiments are honest, real and beautifully sincere. ‘I would find it difficult to put myself in someone else’s position, particularly if it was meaningless to me, I like that it can be related to.’

By spending just afew minutes with Rose,  it’s evident that she is incredibly humble and very much her own person and an entirely driven one at that, not for fame or success, but a genuine desire to have her music heard and enjoyed, pursuing her love of making music for herself and building up friendships and contacts within the industry, she tells us that  it was a friend of hers, a film maker that produced the debut video for ‘Middle of the Bed’ a simplistic but effective concept in which her beloved Morris Minor car is featured!
In today’s industry it hasn’t gone unnoticed the amount of successful female singer songwriters, so when asking Lucy how she felt about this position she seems unfazed, I feel maybe a little bit conventional asking the question as its not at all as if she needs to feel ‘intimidated’ or ‘pressure’ in such a category but refreshingly she remains focused. ‘Some people say it’s a female based industry but in terms of crew, such as engineers and sound guys its very much male based, a lot of bands are male led, and if the music is good, it’s good’. As a statement this is incredibly true; regardless of gender a great songwriter can be anyone who draws inspiration from their heart and soul, experiences and culture and Lucy Rose, already is proving she is incredible at this.
for more info, visit: LUCY ROSE MUSIC

Words > Lauren Bridgeman

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