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Funeral Suits // Colour Fade // Video Trilogy

To coincide with their latest single Colour Fade, Funeral Suits have unveiled a trilogy of videos to accompany the track. The band explained:

“All three videos share images of moving forward…. a journey into the unknown. A metaphor for life. The first can be seen aa a girl running on a road to no where. Its shot in black in and white until something curious/unexpected happens which brings colour into her life. She’s still running and moving forward because its the only thing she can do but something has changed. The second focuses on looking back on memories from ones past. When Jennifer was working on this one she was talking about retro revival and peoples current obsession with all things with a retro feel. We are standing on the shoulders of giants and must appreciate that but there is only one way we can go and that is forward. It also conjures images of one of the most important things in anyones life….. family and the ones around us.The third again has images of a journey but this time there is a central character singing the song. This video to me is an abandonment of the past and in return we get to embrace the here and now fully”

Watch all three videos right here:




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