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Ellie Goulding – Live

After winning this year’s honourable critics choice award at the Brits, and topping 2010 sound polls, Ellie Goulding has quite literally been placed with anticipation in to the huge revolving spotlight that is the mainstream media.

But for more initial Goulding fans, pre album, could now be left with a sense of bewilderment and perhaps loyalty that in effect although it may seem like an erupted over night success, this artist has in fact been in the midst of blogging and web hype for many months previous to the widespread recognition and award triumph. Therefore sparking feelings of content in Goulding finally being given the acknowledgment she deserves, but with a hushed disappointment of now everyone knows about her!

It’s no secret that a certain expectation and pressure to become hugely successful within the year is rocketed towards you when becoming the critics choice, there’s no better example than previous victor Florence Welch.  So far so good for Goulding though, the critics of Norwich certainly seemed dazzled at Herefordshire’s folk songstress’ performance at the Waterfront, and rightly so.

With a set bursting with soaring synths and wispy acoustics circulating amongst the jazzy lights, shimmering throughout the venue.

Beginning the set with title track Lights from the newly number one album, Goulding well and truly threw herself into the performance with buzzing synths, electro daze and cries of ‘You show the lights that stop me turn to stone’, before continuing into tracks Every time you go and This love.

With a huge percentage of the crowd being teenage girls, Goulding’s graceful nature and bubbly tales of reasoning for writing the tracks seemed something we could all relate to, shunning any such diva attitude, and instead reiterating the fact that all the songs wrote and played tonight, stemmed from her normal background and past experiences in life and love, particularly shown through the beautiful lyrics in The Writer.

Latest single Guns and horses was performed with a touch of more folky acoustics and delicate, emotionally charged lyrics.

A grasp of passion and emotion beamed through Goulding during the set, transferring powerfully into every gentle lyric and note played.

The entirety of the glistening performance delivered versatile vocals and soft trembles all with an electro edge.

Under the sheets saw her forcefully attack a glitzy drum kit, again giving it her absolute all, Goulding is undoubtedly, despite her tiny frame and reserved approach, a physical and hugely driven live performer.

So, after performing the whole of the album mightily in just under an hour, Goulding and her band mates left the stage for a matter of minutes, before returning back to eager and loud bursts of ‘ELLIE!’

Completing the night with an encore of Wish I’d stayed and a more up tempo filled rendition of Midlake’s Roscoe, last but not least former hit Starry eyed began, with euphoric pop raptures and synthy echoes energetically radiating through the packed venue.

With pitch perfect and powerful performances like this, it was proved why Ellie Goulding is worthy of every award and attention she is getting, reassuringly it is clear that despite all this she has remained with her feet firmly on the ground, performing solely for her love of what she is doing.

Set list

Every time you go
This Love
Guns & Horses
your biggest Mistake
I’ll hold my breath
The Writer
Salt skin
Under the Sheets
Wish I’d Stayed
Starry Eyed

Words > Lauren Bridgeman

The Waterfront – Norwich

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