Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Instagram Exhibition

September 24th, 2012

It’s amazing the lengths some publishers will go to in order to promote their latest title. PR campaigns range from the insane (2K Games inviting people to complete a bungee jump in order to take home a free copy of Borderlands 2) to the sublime (Namco Bandai’s “We Are Tekken” Instagram Exhibition). 2K’s campaign suits the Borderlands franchise to a tee, with its chaotic and mentalist attitude mirrored perfectly in anyone who’s extreme enough to throw themselves off of a bungee just to bag a free game, whilst Namco’s clever use of the social media photo app du jour encouraged users to upload their own Tekken-inspired photos to Twitter and “tag” them #TTT2 or #WEARETEKKEN.

Artist Vince Ray with some of the entries

Of course, the genius behind this is the way Namco used one of the most familiar pieces of tech-slang of this generation to help promote the game, as anyone who’s used Twitter (or to some degree, Facebook) will surely be familiar with A) the basic premise of tagging something, and B) Instagram itself. The relationship to the latest instalment in their insanely popular fighting franchise shouldn’t be too hard to make when you take into account the fact that tagging plays quite a large part in the basis of its gameplay.

McLean battles J2K on the arcade machine

The competition ran throughout August 2012, with hundreds of submissions received from around the globe, with entries spanning all genres and ranging from the inspired to the downright insane and were judged by rock n’ roll artist Vince Ray. The final 40 were put on display at the Protein Gallery in Shoreditch between the 13th and 15th of September, and Rhythm Circus were lucky enough to get an invite to the opening night.

Set to a soundtrack of classic hip-hop and urban vibes provided by some truly skilled turntablists, the centrepiece of the bar was a Tekken Unlimited Tag Tournament 2 arcade cabinet that got its fair share of action over the course of the night – and with the likes of Professor Green, Adam Deacon and Rizzle Kicks giving the game the once over things certainly got competitive towards the end of the night.

Adam Deacon in front of a painting of Devil Jin made on the night by Jim Vision from the creative collective End of the Line

Local art collective End of the Line were represented by Jim Vision, who created an incredibly impressive graf version of Devil Jin over the course of the night – popping outside for beers and cigarettes to see the progress of the piece was great, as it’s not often you get to see these things created first hand, and the overall vibe of the evening was very friendly and enjoyable.

I managed to get my game on with the Tekken cab early doors (thankfully), and have to admit to receiving a general whupping in two minutes of shame – watching the other players make their mark on their opponents showed off some truly exciting and interesting gameplay features that expand on the tag element of the title, and throw in some awesome graphical flares and touches, whilst those all-important air-juggling combos are still truly in check.

Namco Bandai are pushing the We Are Tekken angle hard now that the game has been released, and this was truly felt on the night by celebs and punters alike, who gleefully shared gameplay tips, strategies and classic stories of hard-fought victories and painful losses.

Words > Jeff Barker

The Winning Instagram entry from Kuronozein-tree

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