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Win Perfect Sense on DVD!

OK, it’s January and it’s all a bit dismal but at the end of this month Perfect Sense is released on DVD. If Ewan McGregor and Eva Green can manage to find love as the world is crashing down around them then we can certainly get through January.

The DVD is released on 30th January 2012 and to celebrate we have a cinema poster signed by Ewan McGregor plus a copy of Perfect Sense on DVD, courtesy of our friends at Arrow. You can our review of the film here.

To stand a chance of winning simply tell us the name of David Mackenzie’s previous film, also starring Ewan McGregor (joined by Tilda Swinton), about love and death aboard a river barge.

a) Young Adam
b) Old Joy
c) Middle-aged Pete

Answers and flattery to: dean@rhythmcircus.co.uk

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