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WWE Survivor Series 2013

Survivor Series (1)One of the big four of the year (The others being Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and Summerslam) Survivor Series is a long standing tradition in the WWE calendar – in days gone by, teams of four men would compete in elimination matches, (but now we get only one or two) but never the less it has remained an important date for not only the fans but WWE themselves.

We kick things off right away with a traditional elimination matches featuring a selection of promising upcoming stars mixed with a couple of trusty veterans. As Rey Mysterio returns from his long break due to injury, the ever-popular high flyer brings his signiture style to the mix, teaming with Cody Rhodes, and fellow veterans Goldust and the Usos to take on the three man team of Shield joined by the real Americans Jack Swagger and Cessaro. As usual for these superstars who have fought countless times, the match is a high energy high quality affair, with all the young lions trying to prove themselves, and none more so than Roman Reigns who has the spotlight firmly centered on him looking every inch a future star.

In other action, Big E Langston attempts to make a solid standing in his WWE singles career by defending his newly won Intercontinental Championship against former champion Curtis Axel in a solid, albeit unspectacular match. Next up, nearly every Diva in the company clash divided into teams of Stars of Total Divas versus The ‘True’ Divas lead by Divas Champion AJ Lee.  The divas division does have talent, but you’ll never find the next Trish Stratus in matches like this.

Ryback issues an open challenge which is answered by the returning Mark Henry, (who has had a bad run of luck in recent months, suffering multiple injuries) who you have to think is entering the final stages of his career having started in 1996.

The first of our World Title matches sees the recently returned John Cena defending his newly won World Championship against the main he took it from –  Alberto Del Rio. Having faced off many times before, it’s an enjoyable match which sees Cena and Del Rio work well together.

Survivor Series (2)The potential true main event for the hardcore fansfollows swiftly on, and sees the demented Wyatt Family take on a hardcore fans dream team of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The Wyatts have an aura about them which makes their matches truly special, (much like the Undertaker does) and what better opponents to showcase the twisted talent than Bryan and CM Punk? The match is as expected – a stand out of the survivor series card.

The Final match of the card is Big Show taking on the Authority’s chosen champion, Randy Orton. Arguably not the match that should have topped the card, but given WWE’s storyline, a natural choice. The event ends with a cryptic tease of what’s to come in the near future in a very suspicious silent message.

The DVD’s extras contain the pre-show match Kofi Kingston vs The Miz, and a segment from the Smackdown before the event. As always, the bluray versions are worth the few extra pounds – giving you most of the segments from Raw, leading into the pay per view. Overall, a solid show.

Available on DVD and Blu Ray 17th February

Words > Jason Potter


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