Vivien Croggon

May 27th, 2012

Vivien Croggon is a 19 year old artist from London and is currently studying illustration at Portsmouth University. She has been drawing “ever since she can remember” and had thought of her fondness for art as little more than an indulgent hobby up until four years ago.

She now pursues art full time and produces sketches, paintings and digital illustrations as well as creating band art, tattoo designs and the odd portrait commission. When asked what she enjoys most about art, she says: “It’s the freedom of being the omnipotent creator of your own escapist little world and the need to see everything. I am the most forgetful thing in the world and I find it hard to retain information without giving it a damn good sketching.”

“It is artists such as Jenny Saville and Dave McKean that I have to thank for inspiring me to pursue my art this far. My unhealthy comic book addiction has opened my eyes to awesome illustrators like Paco Medina, Jim Lee and Pascal Ferry, but I also draw inspiration from photographers such as Giacommo Brunelli, and digital artist Android Jones. More than anything music inspires me, it’s the catalyst for my imagination.”

Vivien has been working on a comic book with co-illustrator Bethan Davies for the last year and her dream is to turn that into a living. However, she would be equally as happy to pursue a career as a concept artist or penciller. Marvel, you have been told.

You can find more of Vivien’s work on her online portfolio VIVIEN CROGGON or check out her blog, CROGS DOGS BLOG