Charlotte Lipscombe

December 4th, 2012

Currently working her way through her 3rd year of photography at Norwich NUCA, Charlotte Lipscombe was last featured here at Rhythm Circus more than a year ago. With her new work being “relatively experimentational” her latest phase of ideas incorporates dual exposed images entirely on 35mm film. “I’ve expanded my work into an exploration of layering within images and I’ve been playing around with OHPs, digital layering and that kind of thing.” Lipscombe explains.

Having developed her style hugely from previous work, and although having to plan for a degree, Lipscombe still shoots for her love of shooting: “I’m still very interested in documenting what’s around me, and over the summer I visited Berlin with some friends and documented the whole thing on 35mm and produced a little book that I’ve sold a couple of copies of.”

Naturally progressing into the realms of commercial photography, Lipscombe has been producing images for a local T-Shirt company, a series of beauty images for a new modelling agency based in London, and a few test shoots for friend looking to get into modelling.

Of her future goals, Lipscombe explains: “I’m really into Japanese pop-culture and fashion and it’s something that I’ve not really explored within my photography work yet, but that’s the kind of direction I can see the work I’m currently planning going in; bold shapes, striking colours, oddities.”

For more info, and to work with Charlotte, visit her CHARLOTTE LIPSCOMBE.