Rockin’ Republic.

August 23rd, 2012

How do you describe Egypt in a sentence? That is a hard question to answer. With so much going on constantly like the sound of car horns blaring, touts shouting at “My friend” at you at every opportunity and all the ancient breath-taking sites to absorb, Egypt can feel overwhelming. We’ve spent a few days in Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan, all of which have had totally different atmospheres. Cairo is like London but dirty. Alexandria has a wonderfully serene cafe culture with great views of the Mediterranean sea and Aswan has superb restaurants situated on the Nile where you can enjoy classic Nubian and Egyptian food.

Our journey from Aswan to our current destination in Luxor was the most peaceful of all. We took a Felucca down the River Nile for two days and two nights. It was great to get a bit of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle and to focus all my attention on the fantastic landscape that surrounds one of the most fascinating rivers.

We are leaving Luxor tomorrow afternoon to head to the backpacker district of Dahab in Sinai before heading to the crazy country that is India. Egypt has offered us some impressive, awe-inspiring sites that will stick in my head forever.

The Great Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor at Abu Simbel, the pyramids at Giza, the Temple of Horus at Edfu and the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor are just a snippet of what we’ve seen so far. We still have Karnak and Luxor Temple to see tomorrow before we get on the bus for a 16 hour drive to Dahab.

This is just a small amount of the things I’ve seen and experienced in Egypt. My journal is filled with pages of details I don’t want to forget. Dahab will offer me a chilled out place where I can update you all properly (hopefully from a cooler internet cafe!). For now though, here is a photo gallery of our trip so far.

> Katherine

Rhythm Circus writer Katherine Bayly is soon to travel the world in search of different, culture, music, art, food, and everything in between. Within Rockin’ Republic, she’ll be giving us a step by step account on the outside world. Have a ready of Kathryns first installment of Rockin’ Republic below…

Have you ever wished you could get away from the monotony of everyday working life? Do you sit on the bus every morning on your way to work hoping you don’t turn into that dreary eyed man with the worn out face who continuously rubs his eyes in agitation as he knows today will be like all the rest? I sure do. The bus on the way to work is probably the most depressing part of my day and to top it all off, it starts my day everyday – but not for long.

In less than a week I will be in Egypt basking in the sunshine, cruising along the Nile before I head to India for four long but mind-opening months. But my journey doesn’t end there. I will then venture into the less the touristy country of Myanmar before I embark on an overland adventure through Southeast Asia including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. My last stop off will be the wonderfully calm Indonesian island of Bali. Don’t worry you won’t miss out on anything as I want to take you all with me.

For every new place I go, Rhythm Circus will keep you updated on my travels. I hope to experience new and strange cultures but I also hope to make these a part of my new life when I return. We have a rough idea of what to expect but who knows what can happen, especially somewhere like India. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I currently run my own music blog called Rockin’ Republic and have been working with Rhythm Circus for nearly a year covering music reviews and releases. As a trained journalist, I wanted to broaden my writing skills as well as my knowledge. I thought what better way to do this than to get out into the big wide world and write about everything I experience. For the most part, I want to experience different cultures. Egypt is a fascinating place and somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. India will show me the inner workings of Hinduism as well as the crazy way they live. Need I mention the fact that they bathe in the Ganges where you can see dead bodies floating to the top? As they say, there’s the rest of the world and then there’s India.

Myanmar is a beautiful country torn apart by corrupt military governments but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own charm. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have some devastating histories which contradict the calming religion of Buddhism that interests me more than our own Western civilisation. I hope to become a different person after I have travelled. I wish to have more knowledge of the world and how other people live on a day to day basis. I know it’s not all fun and games in some of the countries I will be visiting. The poverty, the corruption and unhygienic situations I may find myself in (have I mentioned the popularity of the squat toilets in these parts of the world?) will be but a few things I will have to challenge but this is all part of the process of learning.

So if you will do me the honour. I wish to take you all on this journey with me. I want you to experience the ups and downs, the happy times and the sad times with me. So please remember to regularly check this space.

x Katherine.