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Why Terminator Genisys is Better than its Press

Terminator Genisys - Arnie

Arnie’s latest action opus has suffered a horrific reception and hasn’t even crossed $100m domestically. Our resident Terminator nut thinks critics have overlooked a playful narrative remix – even if James Cameron’s touch is missed Left for dead by the garbled, unloved and all-round ironically named Terminator: Salvation, the franchise …

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Hinterland: Harry Macqueen Interview

Harry Macqueen_(photo Sam Churchill)

Harry Macqueen’s first film Hinterland  (read our review here) is a heartfelt, emotional road movie in which two old friends, played by Macqueen and singer Lori Campbell (read Lori’s interview here) escape London for a weekend of nostalgia, reconnection and possible romance against a dramatic Cornwall backdrop. Rhythm Circus  sat down with Harry to …

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Hinterland: Lori Campbell Interview

Photography - www.nataliemayer.com

Singer-songwriter-cum-actress Lori Campbell talks to us about her new film, Hinterland (read our review here), in which she plays Lola, a twenty-something  musician from London who escapes the city with her old friend Harvey (played by writer/director Harry Macqueen – read Harry’s interview here) for a journey of nostalgia, rekindled friendship and suppressed …

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Mimics and Marvels: An Exclusive Framestore Interview

Rocket Raccoon

Snagging their second Oscar this year for their work on Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, Framestore have climbed from strength to strength in the last few years, establishing themselves as one of the most revered VFX companies in feature film. With their pedigree in designing and creating a wealth of believable, digital characters – from the sleek …

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Framestore: High-Res VFX Gallery

Rocket - Guardians of the Galaxy

Framestore are rapidly becoming one of the most highly regarded groups of visual effects maestros working in feature film. After snagging an Oscar at the beginning of the year for their groundbreaking work on Gravity, they have provided uncannily realistic creations for some of the years biggest and most exciting films, including Edge …

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